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Rawalpindi Medical College Overseas Foundation (RMCOF)

RMCOF Burn CenterRawalpindi Medical College Overseas Foundation (RMCOF)is a charitable organization founded by the graduates of Rawalpindi Medical College who are practicing in various medical specialties all over the globe. The goals and objectives of this foundation are to ease the sufferings of poor patient population of Pakistan especially in and around Rawalpindi area.

RMCOF Mission Statement

In order to achieve our objectives we plan to work with the following mission in mind:

The inspiration for RMCOF

The calamity that hit Pakistan in October, 2005 was the worst devastation ever seen by our country since its existence. The 2005 earthquake that hit the Northern areas and Kashmir, left thousands dead, scores of people injured, and millions homeless. As this saga of misery, pain, and suffering was unfolding in front of our eyes, many of us-the Rawalpindi Medical College graduates who were working overseas rushed from across the globe to provide professional, financial, and material help to our people in their hour of need. We came from UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Middle East, either as individuals or in groups to give whatever assistance we could! We worked day and night with thousands of other volunteers to save as many lives as possible, but “Was it Enough”? As the dust started to settle down, and we sat in camps or hospitals lounges, sipping through a cup of tea, we started to talk and discuss. We saw, what we were able to achieve in such a short time when we came together and worked together with commitment and dedication. As we started to analyze the situation, the stark reality that hit all of us immediately was the pathetic condition of our health care system and the plight of our poor people, who have no where to turn, except the extremely understaffed, ill equipped, and obsolete health care facilities and hospitals. The unfortunate part was that we had trained in these very hospitals and lived amongst these very people. Once we left Pakistan we forgot about our own and got so busy in our lives that we never looked back as to what was happening back home. This disaster opened our eyes and we all said with a unified voice “It’s Payback Time”. So as we packed our bags and boarded our flights to our country of descent, we the members of RMCAANA (RMC Alumni of North America), RMC Alumni of UK, RMC Alumni of South Africa, RMC Alumni of Australia, RMC Alumni of Middle East and all the graduates of RMC from across the globe wherever they are based, made a commitment to each other that we will join hands in the formation of RMCOF, i.e. Rawalpindi Medical College Overseas Foundation, with a mission to finance and launch charitable projects to improve the delivery of health care to the poor and underserved population, particularly in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad area and in general all over Pakistan wherever the need be so. After its inception, we studied the situation in the existing teaching hospitals associated with RMC and after lot of deliberation and discussion came to the conclusion that there was an urgent need to develop a comprehensive Burn Center in Rawalpindi. There are no such existing units in the Rawalpindi area and many burn patients are loosing their valuable lives because of lack of such a facility. After discussion with Rawalpindi Medical College authorities, it was decided by the Board of Directors of RMCOF that we will launch the creation of a “Burn Center” at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi as our first project. This is just the beginning, with time we intend to undertake many more such projects to help the poor and needy patient population of our country. We will work as a charitable and non-profit organization and we invite all Rawalians, no matter which part of the world they reside, to come and join our hands in this noble cause. RMCOF has already been registered as a charitable organization in the US and a plan is underway to do the same in UK. Let’s not ask what our college and our country has done for us, rather let us ask what we can do for our college and our beloved homeland.